Swarm Removal List 2017

 Alamance County and Surrounding Areas Swarm Removal List

The following list of beekeepers are willing to respond to calls about honey bee swarms in various locations in Alamance County. They are only interested in swarming honey bees, not yellow jackets, hornets, bumble bees, wasps or beetles. If you are not sure about the identity of the “bee” in question, the Department of Entomology at The Ohio State University has provided a helpful identification guide HERE. Our beekeepers are willing to help identify any “non-honey bee” insects and can usually do it over the telephone based on your good description of the insect. 

Download 2017 Swarm Removal List by the Swarms Location

Burlington Area
Elon Area
Liberty Area
Graham, Mebane, Snow Camp Area

Things a swarm removal collector will ask!

1. Are they honey bees?
2. When were they noticed?
3. What has been done?
4. Has any pesticide been used?
5. Has anyone else been called?
6. Has anyone been stung? Might indicate an aggressive (dry) swarm.
7. How large is the cluster/swarm? Basketball or softball size?
8. Where is it, specifically?
9. How high up are they?
10. Do you plan to call someone else?
11. Do we have permission to collect the bees?
12. Is this your property? Give me specific directions to get to the swarm site.

If you are an active club member and wish to join the swarm collector’s list, complete the following form and submit.

Inquiries or questions are welcome.

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2017 Alamance County Swarm Removal List

Area(s) of Removal
In Alamance Co.
Name &
Home Phone Cell PhonePick up
Don Moore
3634 Stoney Creek Church Rd.
Elon, NC
AnywhereJohn Chambers
1635 Sandy Cross Rd
Burlington, NC
West, Central, SouthCharles Black
6421 Black Road
Liberty, NC
AnywhereHarold Bowling
1438 Flora Ave.
Burlington, NC
Northwest, AnywhereMike Ross
2140 Gwyn Rd.
Burlington, NC
AnywherePaul Jollay
2435 Glencoe St
Burlington, NC
AnywhereIra Poston
4560 Whitesell Brothers Rd
Elon, NC
Northern AlamanceNeil Carey
6740 Stoney Mtn Road
Burlington, NC
AnywhereRandy Stinson
4341 Brick Church Rd.
Burlington, NC
Snow Camp, AnywhereTom Neal
8131 Kenly Dr
Liberty, NC
Anywhere, EastMike Cocks
3524 Cotton Run Rd.
Efland, NC
SouthRobert Laws
135 Andrews Ave.
Graham, NC
NorthChuck Perkins
731 Kerrs Chapel Rd
Burlington, NC
AnywhereCorey Gillespie
2522 Moss Creek Loop
Elon, NC
BurlingtonRuth Amick
2436 Hodges Road
Glencoe, NC
Eugene Grimley
202 S. Williamson Ave
Elon, NC
East, South, CentralMatt Lawrence
3015 NC 119 South
Mebane, NC 27302
South of I 40/85Johnny Ray Mills
3860 Mount Willen Rd
Haw River, NC
Southern St/Rt 119, 54 ,87Elaine Trettel
6042 Swep-Sax Rd
Saxapahaw, NC
Snow Camp, SaxapahawJennifer Welsh
Snow Camp, NC
Alamance CountyDavid Ragan
1037 Mountain Side Lane
Burlington, NC
Snow CampBarry Tomlinson
420 Tom Boggs Rd
Snow Camp, NC
Alamance CountyCharles Ansell
4089 W. Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd
Liberty, NC
Alamance CountyRobert Chilldres
4465 W. Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd
Liberty, NC
Alamance CountyMary Beth Moore
306 N. Seventh St.
Mebane, NC
Alamance CountyLarry McCauley
3815 Friendship Patterson Mill Rd
Burlington, NC
AnywhereChuck Couch
3557 Friendship Patterson Mill Rd
Burlington, NC
AnywhereAlex McCollum
102 Westgate Drive
Elon, NC

Download the Entire 3-Page 2017 Swarm Removal List

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