Dr. Marla Spivak’s TEDTalk on the dilemma of the honey bee.

Here is the Science TEDTalks presentation given by Marla Spivak on “Why bees are disappearing” given on June 12, 2013 at the TEDGlobal 2013 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is about 16 minutes long, but well worth the time it takes to watch. This is a great presentation! Enjoy.

Dr. Marla Spivak, MacArthur Fellow and Distinguished McKnight Professor in Entomology, currently runs the Bee Lab.

Meeting Programs for 2014

Alamance County Beekeepers Programs for 2014

ACB Progarms 2014 PDF

Meeting Date


Tentative Topic Titles

January 16th Geoff Leister Getting Started with Honey Bees Snacks
February 20th Mike Ross Swarm Capture & Prevention Snacks
March 20th Don Moore Supering your Hives Snacks
April 17th Debbie Roos Bee Friendly Plantings Meal
May 15th Geoff Leister Digital Honey Bee Photography Snacks
June 19th Paul Jollay &
Ira Poston
Honey Harvesting Meal
July 17th Don Hopkins Honey Bee Pest Awareness Snacks
August 16th Don Moore Ice Cream Social Ice Cream
September 18th Nancy Ruppert To Feed or not to Feed Meal
October 16th TBD TBD  
November 20th 1st Year Beekeeper, 2nd Year Beekeeper, 3 Year Beekeeper Lessons Learned Snacks
December 1st Ira Poston Planning Meeting for 2015  

NC State Fair Exhibit

NC State Fair Exhibt

Thanks are due to members Don Moore, Mike Ross, Toni Murray, Sophia Dill, Paul Jollay, and Ira Poston for assembling, preparing and presenting this exhibit at this years NC State Fair. The exhibit was setup on October 16th and it will be on display until October 27th.